Award-Winning Author

Christina Barber is an award-winning author specializing in dark speculative fiction. Since 2005 she has worked with small press publishers and has three books published, as well as several short stories. Published books include Spirits of Georgia’s Southern Crescent (Non-Fiction, August 2008), Seely’s Pond (Dark Urban Fantasy, April 2008), and Greystone (Dark Speculative Romance, 2005). Her novel, Greystone, won a Dream Realm Award for ‘Best Speculative Romance’ in 2006.

When she’s not writing, Christina is the chief wrangler for a husband, young adult daughter, three dogs and one cat.


Dream Realm Award:

Best Speculative Romance (2006)





Greystone (2005)

When psychologist Alecia Raeham agrees to help save the historic Greystone Psychiatric complex where her father worked, she opens the door to her own past in a most unwelcome way. Horrifying truths and atrocities long hidden behind Greystone’s walls can no longer be ignored. Alecia faces perhaps the most unsettling question of all: who brutally murdered her father as he left his office at Greystone for the last time? And are the ghosts that are haunting her leading Alecia to the same brutal fate? Based on the legends and rumors surrounding the historic Greystone Psychiatric Hospital in New Jersey, Greystone is a novel of secrets that the shadows of the past cannot keep hidden.


Seely’s Pond (2008)

Some doors were never meant to be opened. When Julia Tayte and her family move into a small, upscale town in western New Jersey, she unknowingly frees an ancient evil from its watery prison. When blood rains from the sky and an Asian curse settles upon her family, will Julia be able to survive against the powerful force that lurks beneath Seely’s Pond?


Spirits of Georgia’s Southern Crescent (2008)

History has shown an unsettled face in the Southern Crescent: a ghostly face. Take a eerie tour to learn about myths, legends, and ghost stories haunting this historic region! Read about Baker Bob, a ghost with a fetish for telephone misuse, or poltergeist George, who throws regular tantrums. Join a female apparition on a bridge in Coweta County who wanders the train tracks at night, screaming for her lost child. Meet Doc Holliday’s ghost who frequents the Holliday Dorsey Fife House and Museum; he just may lock you inside. Whether an icy touch, ethereal whisper, or shadowy figures, Georgia has tales that will chill you.



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